This is a site started by two new comers to Vancouver. Eventually we will become old comers and settled so the quality of information here promises to improve literally by the minute. Check back often, comment and make suggestions.

There is a huge amount of information out there for new arrivals to Vancouver. Yet, there is a need for one concentrated portal of information on moving to Vancouver, housing, transportation, job search, networking opportunities, taxes, entrepreneurship, shopping, food and dining guide, day trips and a number of other topics which will become relevant and will be added along. While all these categories exist by themselves, often the current resources point to another website which then redirects to a third place and so forth. The objective here would be to fill that gap and provide a one stop information or as close as possible and minimize research time so that others do not have to reinvent the hot water!

We also make some assumptions about our readers – since they have landed here, they know how to use the Internet and are getting prepared for a new life with certain challenges.  Canada embraces the skilled worker program and Vancouver is no exception. We assume that our readers read and write English at least as well as one of the webmasters who is not a native speaker. We also encourage everyone to put on a positive attitude and work on improvement of social skills – they are very much appreciated here. Certain preparation and aptitude tests could be invaluable.



Many topics are welcome and we find the input by the locals priceless. If you would like to contribute with content, please reach out to admin@newtovancouver.ca