First Date Tips


In response to a reader’s request, here are some “tips” on dating chicks in Vancouver.


First Date
1. Lease a BMW or Porsche for the day (if you are Italian, rent a Ferrari)
2. Smell good ie. Creed
3. Make sure nails are clipped, shower  and use deodorant
4. Wear a pair of nice jeans ie. Rag & Bone,  Canali or Ferragamo shoes and a tailored jacket (anything from Harry Rosen or Ermenegildo Zegna)
5. Show up on time and open doors where applicable ie. passenger side when she gets in and out
6. Made reservations at Cioppino’s, Hawskworth or Market at Shangri-La a week prior and ask for romantic table in the corner
7. Bring a fresh bouquet of flowers (roses too much on first date) when you pick her up
8. Compliment her on how great she looks every 10 minutes.  Pretend to not notice how high her platform stiletto shoes are and how she looks like she may fall – just be ready to catch her if she topples over!  Walk on her side that is closest to the street (so you can block the car if it jumps the sidewalk – Vancouver has some bad drivers!)
9. Do not check iPhone or BB (put on silent) even if she does during dinner, you can do this when she goes to the Ladies room – you have an 8 – 10 minute window to do this before she comes back
10. Let her order whatever she wants and don’t even flinch at the price, she won’t eat much
11. Has it been 10 minutes yet??  Mention how great she looks ie.  outfit, hair, etc.  Do not mention SEX or make any sexual innuendos
12. Tip well including coat check and valet
13. Do not expect any action on the first date – but at least be a man, at the end of the date, when you drop her off and walk her to the door, tell her how great she looks, how much fun you had and give her a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug and ask if you can call her again



First Date
1. Drive an imported car ie. Japanese make, but not Kia or Hyundai
2. Smell good ie. JPG’s Le Male
3. Clip nails, shower (not Irish Spring) and use deodorant (not Axel)
4. Wear a pair of dark dye lot jeans ie. Nudies or Naked and Famous (no crotch hanging jeans with boxers exposed or True Religions with white stitching unless you have  tattoos), no baseball or Trucker hats, no running shoes (stylish sneakers okay, but no Pumas) and no hoodie
5. Show up on time and open doors, where applicable and appropriate, but do not be too eager ie. don’t run ahead to get the door if you are walking side by side
6. Made reservations a week prior at Salt, Judas Goat, L’Abbatoir, Chambar, Flying Tiger or Baru –  Italian Kitchen is noisy and does not take reservations and Campagnolo is nice but they don’t take reservations either
7. Compliment her
8. Pay for dinner (too many men in Vancouver need to not think that paying for dinner means guaranteed sex, you want to make a good impression (it is about her and not you) and if you don’t in most situations, you will not get another date)
9. Do not mention SEX or make sexual innuendos first.  Even if she mentions or implies it (she may be a bit tipsy from the alcohol), play dumb, don’t assume anything unless you are confident you are reading the signs correctly (but unless you are Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper, you won’t read the signs correctly, so err on caution).  Regardless, you should not have sex on the first date if you want a long lasting relationship (although I know of at least two couples where they are still together and the girl was not viewed as easy or not relationship worthy). Remember you are dating a nice girl here.
10. Show interest and listen intently.   Repeat back what you hear from time to time to show you were listening
11. Do not check your iPhone or BB (silent mode) while dining and when you go the bathroom, do not take your phone with you. Check your phone when she goes to the bathroom – you have 4 – 5 minutes to do this
12. Tip well
13. Do not expect any action on the first date, but if you are interested, show interest but don’t undress her with your eyes – if you are interested, it will show in your eyes and body language.   At the end of the date, when you drop her off, tell her how great she looks, how much fun you had and give her a kiss on the check and a warm hug (no wimpy pats on the back or groping) and suggest you do this again. Do the kiss and hug in one smooth motion, no awkward pauses.  Do not drive off until she reaches the door, let her wave back first
14. Text her the next day to tell what a great time you had and make plans for a second date

Final Tip:  
Just remember, it is not the size of your wallet that matters, what matters is that you are honest, confident, caring, considerate and you are sincere in your interest in the girl and you back it up with your actions.
Given the male to female ratio (6 single women to 1 single man), Vancouver is your playground, but play nice!  Also, don’t be intimidated to approach hot chicks if you think they are out of your league.  Have you often seen a hot chick with a geeky or normal guy? That is because most guys (especially the hot ones) are afraid to be shot down by the hot chick so they don’t approach.  Given the geeky or normal guy has his ego in check, he has nothing to lose – so have that extra shot of tequila and approach the hot chick! In most situations, unless they are super super hot, you will be pleasantly surprised that they will talk to you and are much more approachable than you would have imagined. However, be careful that the hot chicks that you have your eye on or approach are not “escorts”!