Jobs In Vancouver2

So how do we go about searching for jobs in Vancouver? – We get help.

Newcomers to this country are entitled to some help. There are plenty of organizations whose core business is to help immigrants get settled in. Their services are paid for by the local and the federal governments so they are free to newcomers. Some great resources for this are Canadian Immigrant magazine and employment newspapers – they will have the latest in terms of services.  Pick them up from your local library.  To be eligible for their services, you have to be a permanent resident, apply in person and get a case manager; they will also need to know if you are receiving employment insurance (really often heard as EI).

Some such names are:

So which ones to contact?

All of them.

Again, they are paid by the government. The people who work there are regular folks with their own personal and professional motivation to help. They have great resources and they tell you you have to find a job within a year. A positive result for them, might have different implications for a job seeker. After these organizations above are contacted, in a perfect world, they would look over your resume, make changes, prepare it and modify it for the various applications you will be sending. A case manager would also recommend classes such as career exploration, accent reduction and they may even have connections with some of the employment agencies in town and scrape regularly for job openings which they make available to you. What is more, they can even refer you to classes at local colleges and reimburse you for tuition.

If you reach out to just one of the above agencies – you may get lucky and find a serious ambitious person who can drive you to success. It appears to work better if you get a hold of all of them. If they recommend taking a class – take it and follow through. The least you get out of any class is the resources, some knowledge and connections with other people. It is possible to meet someone in your area of interest and start up a consultancy.