Jobs in Vancouver3

Another great resource in term of job search here is Vancouver Public Library (VPL). They have a job seekers’ tour which at the time of this writing is Tuesdays and Thursdays at the central location downtown. The central branch is an excellent location in an impressive building with a sense of aristocracy.

The tour takes about one hour and the librarian shows you almost all options for looking up information about occupations of interest, qualifications, transferable skills etc. In addition, during this tour they hand out some printed information by the skilled immigrant infocentre which is a part of the library tasked with gathering and updating labor market information. The printouts I once picked up were on IT project managers and IT business analysts. There were others on architects, graphic designers etc. Labor market information becomes dated really fast and the majority of it is based on a the latest 2006 census, so take everything with a pinch of salt and due diligence to look up a few sources.

Unlike most other places referenced before, the library has negotiated contracts with some databases whose access it typically for a premium. Some of these online databases can be accessed from home or onsite and require a library card to log in – no fee for library patrons. A card can be made at any VPL branch and is valid for all branches and free of charge. One piece of ID and a proof of address is needed to get a card. Such database names are career cruiser and learning express. Some of them make reference to the various personality styles – while most people discount this information, it has proven to be really useful when a person is changing occupations or moving to another country/city. Look up Myers Briggs personality test. The pages can be accessed from the Library’s subject guide which is sometimes a bit tricky to find on their website. The guides then take you to sub-sections on job search, small business resources etc.

The library is a bit tricky to get a hold of. I have tried three times and it always loops in these endless messaging machines with no real options to speak to anyone. Also, once you are in there, there is this feeling of timeless academia and things get done at their own speed. If you are in a rush to go somewhere, stop by the library on the way back.