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Starbucks and Internet-of-Things IoT

While it may look a bit spooky in the video, the new Clover coffee maker which started popping up in Starbucks coffee shops is nothing short of a great example of Internet-of-Things come to real life!  It even has a selector of what coffee the customer/barista chooses to brew so that the machine can adjust settings accordingly!

There’s an integrated vacuum pump which sucks the water through the ground coffee giving it flavor – works in about the same way as a French press only in reverse. I did try it and it is well worth it! Go for the smaller serving though as the Clover machine makes a strong brew! Unless you really want the jitters!

It is connected over Wifi and reaches to a server to get recommendation based on the chosen settings! Naturally, once online, it also reports usage, popular selection choices and other analytics which make inventory management and marketing effort rather easy and targeted!