The Easiest Way to Make the Mortgage While you are Away!


I read a recent (August 2015) report on the real estate market in Canada. It showed three areas as over-valuated – Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg. Strangely enough though, only Toronto and Winnipeg were listed as threatened markets. Vancouver was elegantly omitted from the threatened places. Clearly, there’s too much money in this city!

Is Vancouver’s real estate market absolutely outrageous? Sure, everyone can vouch for this. Yet, real estate is hotter than gold here. Even on days with such huge selloffs as we’ve witnessed in the last few weeks. People simply believe that Vancouver real estate always goes up! This was much like the erroneous premise which toppled the US housing market a few years ago.

We could ponder on fundamentals all we want. Truth is, if you have a mortgage you’d better make the payment as the next potential home owner is running up to get your place any time! J One super easy way to make the mortgage for people who travel is to rent out their place while they are gone. The rental market in town is sizzling so finding someone to crash at your place for the 10 days you are gone is very easy.

What is more, there are companies now who offer airbnb services to folks who travel. Such services can be individual check-in/checkout, housekeeping after guests leave etc. Best deal is their full service – drop off your house keys with them before you leave and come back to some money without any efforts. They’ll market the place, check in and out and clean up. It’s that easy.

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